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Apple 4G Update

From the404(at)cnet(dot)com.

Don’t call it the 4G or the 4HD. The Apple iPhone 4 is here and Gizmodo ruined the surprise. As predicted, the new handset has *almost* all of the rumored features, including a 960X640 resolution display, a bigger battery, HD video recording and editing, a three-axis gyroscope, an upgraded 5MP rear camera, and a front-facing camera for use with Apple’s new video chat program FaceTime.

Apple’s new Retina display promises 4X improvement over the current screen, and Steve’s demo screenshots show significant improvements to text and images, but CNET’s own TV expert David Katzmaier takes issue with the claim that viewing HD video on the new device is akin to the HDTV experience.



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Mosab Omar/Reuters

Published: May 25, 2010

At the Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi, a cash machine dispenses gold.

Vending machines in neon-splashed Tokyo have electronic eyes that evaluate customers’ skin and wrinkles to determine whether they are old enough to buy tobacco. In bathrooms at upscale Canadian bars, vending machines with flat irons enable women to defrizz their locks.
In Abu Dhabi, the lobby of a luxury hotel has a vending machine that dispenses gold bars and coins at more than $1,000 an ounce.

A new breed of vending machine is proliferating around the world — and while the United States is coming late to the party, Dr Pepper and Baby Ruth are already feeling sidelined.

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Seth Godin’s Blog

The First Time – Seth never disappoints… He always has something interesting to say…

    I met a new addition to the family the other day. She was eleven days old.

    It was the warmest day of her whole life the day I was there. And she had just eaten her biggest meal ever.

    Firsts are fun and exciting and it’s neat to keep topping ourselves.

    I’ve also come to grips with the fact that I’m never going to eat tuna ever again, and that I’m never going to be able to easily walk onto a shuttle flight at the last minute and just show up in Boston. Never is a lot harder than first, but I guess you get used to it.

    The internet is like Ice 9. It changes what it touches, probably forever. We keep discovering firsts, the biggest viral video ever, the most twitter followers ever, the fastest bestseller ever… And we constantly discover nevers as well. There’s never going to be a mass market TV show that rivals the ones that came before. There’s never going to be a worldwide brand built by advertising ever again either. And Michael Jackson’s record deal is the last one of its kind… And there may never be a job like that job you used to have either.

    Revolutions are like that. They invent and destroy and they only go one way. It’s like watching a confused person in a revolving door for the first time. They push backwards, try to slow it down, fight the rotation… and then they embrace the process and just walk and it works.

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Record Skype Calls

Record Skype Calls

Skype Recorder is a surprisingly easy-to-use tool for recording Skype audio conversations. It is really simple to create a new recording. All you need to do is to run the Skype Recorder software and then it automatically starts recording.

Once the conversation is over the Skype Recorder will encode the recording to the specified format and will save the file on your hard drive.

Due to the built-in audio player, you will be able to listen to the recording in no time and do whatever you like – delete it, move or upload to the site.

All versions support conversations in either single or dual audio track recording, hidden mode work, a built-in audio player, a built-in FTP-client and an easy-going interface. The Skype Recorder is compatible with all operating systems of the Windows family (95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, NT, Vista) and supports all Skype versions.

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2010: The Year of Mobile – From the Mind of Peter Kim
Posted: 04 Jan 2010 10:06 PM PST

Peter Kim always delivers outstanding insights into the marketplace. Here’s his view on mobile

A year from now, we’re going to look back on what happened this year and declare that it was finally the “year of mobile.”

Here’s why:

Devices. Mobile phones have been getting more sophisticated, as operating systems evolve, batteries live longer, and processors run faster. And it’s not just phones – netbooks have been hot and tablets will soon seize the spotlight.


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Android Phone Will Miss Christmas


Google has confirmed that they are working with a partner and building a new device with new mobile features and capabilities. Jessica Vascellaro from the Wall Street Journal posted that it’s being manufactured by HTC.

This is the Google phone the tech world has been salivating for. Over the weekend Google set off a fury of speculation when employees tweeted they were testing a new Android-based mobile device. Google later ratcheted up the Google phone buzz when in a blog post it confirmed it was testing a handset with “innovative hardware” from one of its partners. Said to be named Nexus One, many critics believe this device will give the iPhone a run for its money.

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Ustream Live Broadcaster is the first app that can stream live video from the iPhone to the Internet. It’s free, and it works. Will society ever be the same?

The app — available here — is free. “With 30 million iPhones sold to date, this is a real game changer,” says John Ham, the founder of uStream. “Now anyone can take those iPhones and start broadcasting from anywhere.”

Only the most current iPhone has a video camera, but Ham says previous models with only a still camera will work, The uStream app can use the still camera as a video camera.

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